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Slope Stabilisation and Protection

Soil slope stabilisation and protection are crucial engineering practices aimed at preventing soil erosion, landslides, rockfall and other forms of slope failure. These techniques are employed to ensure the stability of natural slopes, embankments, road cuts, and other areas where soil erosion and slope instability could pose a threat to infrastructure, property, and human safety. We have provided various mitigation works in many critical and sensitive zones across India, especially in the dynamic Himalayan expanse. Our offerings span diverse methodologies essential to soil slope stabilisation and protection, including reinforcing unstable slopes through soil nailing, rock bolting, and ground anchors. These techniques enhance slope integrity, curbing mass movement. Our arsenal also has structural interventions like gravity walls, as well as reinforced soil slopes/walls, assuring slope support and resistance against gravitational forces to prevent failure. To counter soil erosion and surface instability, we deploy erosion control blankets, geotextiles, geocells and vegetation planting. Equally vital, our rockfall barriers composed of resilient steel cables or mesh systems intercept and confine descending rocks, thwarting potential damage. Augmenting our approach, effective drainage systems reduce excess water pressure, bolstering slope stability through surface grading, subsurface drains, and slope terracing.