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Reinforced Soil Structures

Reinforced Soil (RS) Structures synergises the strength and stability of soil with the tensile properties of reinforcing materials. Our portfolio encompasses primarily of RS Walls, complemented by RS Slopes, meticulously engineered to support and retain soil masses. The structures consist of compacted soil layers reinforced with materials like geostrips, geotextiles, geogrids, or steel strips. These reinforcements provide tensile strength, distributing the forces exerted by the soil. RS systems are cost-effective, durable, and flexible, allowing for easier construction and accommodating diverse heights and slopes.

RS Walls excel in the retention of vertical or near-vertical soil surfaces, standing resolute against lateral soil pressure and external forces. They are staple in scenarios marked by notable elevation differences. The significance of RS Walls extends to an array of civil engineering projects, including highway and railway embankments, bridge abutments, waterfront retaining constructions, etc. RS Walls often have a facing element, such as concrete panels or precast blocks, at the front of the wall, to provide structural support and protect the soil mass.

Across the globe, RS walls have seen widespread application for over five decades, while the last thirty years have marked their seamless integration into Indian projects. In a short duration, we, at GeoCon Infra have achieved remarkable success, completing RS Wall projects spanning over 14 lacs sqm. facia area, with heights reaching up to 16 meters. Presently, we are engaged in projects covering 12 lacs sqm. facia area, along with associated civil engineering undertakings, including ground improvement, earthwork excavation & backfilling, PCC levelling, drainage, and various RCC elements like coping beams, friction slabs, and crash barriers.

We showcase diverse and rugged RS Wall solutions featuring a range of robust facing elements like precast RCC panels, blocks, gabions, wrap-around geosynthetics, steel-wire mesh, and welded wire grids. We provide complete RS Wall solutions - Design of structures, casting of panels/blocks/crash barriers, procurement and supply of geostynthetic products, along with metallic reinforcements, if required. Additionally, we offer technical expertise, maintenance, and repair services.

Some products incorporated in our RS Walls include uniaxial/bi-axial geogrids, polymeric straps, woven/nonwoven geotextiles, geomembranes, geocomposite drains, polymer/metal gabions/mattresses/nettings, metal crash barrier, etc. from renowned National and International manufacturers.

Our other key service includes RS Slopes that are designed to stabilise and support a sloping face of soil. They are used to prevent slope failure and sliding in areas with natural or man-made slopes that are susceptible to erosion or instability. These are predominantly harnessed for slope stabilisation across regions featuring slopes >70°, comprising of terrains such as road embankments, railway cuts, hillsides, and embankments, RS Slopes may or may not have a facing element, as the main focus is on stabilising the slope rather than providing a vertical barrier.